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Frequently Asked Questions - why subscribe

Does it cost and am I locked in?

Subscription to Play by the Rules is free and you are able to unsubscribe at anytime.

What does Play by the Rules do?

Play by the Rules is a national initiative that promotes safe, fair and inclusive sport by providing free online education and training, downloadable templates and guidelines, topical articles and features and multi-media campaigns. These often include resources and information on women in sport issues.

Who is behind Play by the Rules?

Play by the Rules is quite unique. It is supported by the Australian Sports Commission, the Human Rights Commission, all state and territory departments of sport and equal opportunity commissions, the Australia and New Zealand Sports Law Association and the Office of Children's Guardian.

Where do I find Play by the Rules?

The core of Play by the Rules is the website - Also check out the online magazine. You can contact us direct by email too at We would like to hear from you.

Can I contribute, get involved?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage subscribers to get in contact. You may want to showcase a particular program you are involved with or something you feel strongly about. We have a number avenues to showcase what's happening nationally.

Does subscribing influence my application?

No, not at all. Subscription to Play by the Rules is not connected with your application and has no influence on the outcome. It's entirely your choice if you think it is beneficial for you to subscribe.