You can 'get informed'. The 'Supplements - Know What You Are Doing' e-book has been compiled by experts in the field to help you make informed choices when it comes to supplements use.

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Supplements are not just 'good' or just 'bad'! That's why it's very important you know what's right for you - because what's right one person is not necessarily what is right for another.

In this free ebook we answer commonly asked questions on supplements in sport.

  • What exactly are supplements?

    You might be surprised what the term ‘supplements’ actually covers. There is a wide range of products that can be classed as either dietary or nutritional supplements.

  • Why do you need to be careful about taking supplements?

    Many supplements have clean, safe histories, but anyone considering taking a supplement needs to be aware that there can be problems with their supply, manufacture or labelling.

  • What can you take after a workout?

    Consuming a snack after exercise should be a priority especially on days when you’ve done a lot of exercise. Bottom line is you need to have an understanding what is most benefit to you, and why.

These are just three of the questions that are answered in greater detail in this ebook. There are 14 more detailed answers to frequently asked questions. So, get informed today and download you free ebook.

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