Supplements - Know What You're Doing

It's important you know what you're doing when it comes to taking supplements. Some supplements can be beneficial, others can be harmful and some can simply be a waste of money. So you need to get informed!

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Supplements - Know What You're Doing

This free ebook answers your questions about using supplements in sport, for example:

  • What exactly are supplements?
  • As an athlete why do I need to be careful about taking supplements?
  • What can I take after a workout instead of a supplement?
  • How can I find out what the labels really mean?
  • and many more...

"The emotive marketing associated with sports supplements ensures their popularity amongst both recreational and professional athletes. However it can be difficult for individuals to be able to make informed opinions about sports supplements and their potential value in the nutritional arsenal of those following an active lifestyle. The independent resources prepared by Play By The Rules allows you to ‘know what you’re doing’ with supplements, enabling you to become an informed consumer. There’s not only a great range of resources available, but also reference to other reputable sites for information on a wide range of topics from inadvertent doping to finding a sports dietitian in your area."

- Dr Gary Slater,