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Issues of doping, match-fixing and the use of supplements in sport are challenging the very reason we do sport in the first place. They are a threat to the integrity of sub-elite and grass roots sport. We would like to offer you more support and information on issues that impact on the integrity of sport, specifically targeted at grass roots and sub-elite areas of sport. Sign up here and receive free updates, information and resources on:

  • doping
  • match fixing
  • supplements and image enhancing substances

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Why sign up?

Who is signing up?

People who registered and/or attended the Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport forums that are being conducted in every state and territory throughout March, April and May 2015. Everyone who registers for a forum will be invited to sign up for more support and information.  But even if you didn't find out about the forums or had a chance to attend then you can still sign up here to keep in touch. There is no obligation, it's free and entirely your choice.

Who is providing this support?

The forums are coordinated by Play by the Rules in cooperation with the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and the National Integrity in Sport Unit. Funding was provided by CASRO - the collective of state and territory departments of sport and recreation. Similar to the way the forums were organised, we will work in cooperation with all these agencies to bring you relevant, contemporary and useable resources and information.

How will I get this information?

By email. That's why we need your email address and permission to send you this. Information may be a simple link to a new resource produced by one of our partners. Or it might be an invitation to an online webinar or a new infographic?

How often will I receive emails?

We will not be bombarding you with multiple emails. We will only contact you when we have an invitation or a resource we think you would be interested in. And you can opt out of the email list at any time.

Can't I just get information from ASADA and/or NISU?

Yes, absolutely. And we will encourage you to do that when there are relevant updates. But this list is targeting the sub-elite and grass roots areas of sport. This is the core market for Play by the Rules. The ASADA and NISU sites primarily target the elite sport area.

Will there be opportunities to ask questions and take part in discussions?

This will be possible through online webinars. Our intention is to bring you live webinars where you can interact, ask questions and take part in polls on specific issues. We will invite leading experts and practitioners to present on topics. All you need is an internet connection to take part in these.

Can my colleagues sign up even though they didn't register for a forum?

Yes, of course. Just direct them to this page. Please remember that we are targeting people at the sub-elite and grass roots areas of sport.

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