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Congratulations and thanks for your commitment to safe, fair and inclusive sport.

Our big campaign for 2017 is Let Kids Be Kids. It's all about raising awareness about poor sideline behaviour at junior sport. The campaign will also provide people with a range of resources to help educate and inform people about the impact of poor sideline behaviour.

On this page you'll get access to all the campaign materials. The promotional materials are aimed at driving people to our Let Kids Be Kids resource page at www.playbytherules.net.au/let-kids-be-kids where people can download for free any of the resources to help tackle poor sideline behaviour.


Hi, Peter Downs here, Manager of Play by the Rules. A huge thanks, from all our formal partners, for joining us as a promotional partner. We really value your commitment. You have joined a growing network of people and organisations who have a collective belief that sport should be fair, safe and inclusive. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding promotion then you can contact me at manager@playbytherules.net.au. Thanks again.

Important things to know

Before downloading the materials below there's just couple of important things you need to know about the campaign. Let Kids Be Kids will be a staged release over a number of weeks -  with different parts of the campaign being released on particular dates. Please stick to the staged release deadlines when using the Let Kids Be Kids materials.  There are specific reasons why we have chosen these dates - you'll see these below.

Once the materials are released you can use them any way you want - on your website, through social media or at events - it's up to you. If you want to modify any of the materials please contact us before doing so - similarly, if you have any ideas about how you would like to promote Let Kids Be Kids then we'd be happy to hear from you.

That's about it! Thanks again and good luck with your campaign.


General campaign material

The materials below can be used right from the start of the Pre-launch and all the way through the campaign. There are standard website banners and Facebook Ad banners here - an example is below:

  • Let Kids Be Kids banners
    Let Kids Be Kids banners

    The Let Kids Be Kids banners come in a range of standard banner sizes ready for you to use on your website or through Facebook. You can link these banners to - http://playbytherules.net.au

Let Kids be Kids Infographic

LKBK Infographic

The Let Kids be Kids infographic can be used for a range of purposes. Infographics are very popular on social media and are good resources on themselves for people wanting some quick background data to the issues. This infographic has been put together to compliment the campaign materials - there are two version, a pdf and a png file format.

Download the infographic here.

Let Kids be Kids article

  • Let Kids be Kids article
    Let Kids be Kids article

    Download a 600 word article for Let Kids be Kids. The article is 'Kids call timeout on poor sideline behaviour'. It contains links to the Toolkit page on Play by the Rules. Feel free to use in newsletters etc.

Let Kids Be Kids: Pre-Launch Starts 20th February 2017

The Pre-Launch uses a series of short 'teaser' videos and audio grabs to introduce Let Kids Be Kids and the issues behind poor sideline behaviour. They are great for social media, email broadcasts or to use generally through websites. Take a look below, chose the clips that you like, and promote them through your favourite social media channel. We've made a few suggestions for messages you may want to use. The hashtag for the campaign is #letkidsbekids

Video teasers

See the short video teasers below and download the file for your use. Even if these sporting stars are not from your sport they carry an important message.

Audio files

You can listen to then download the audio files below and use them from the Pre-Launch date onwards.

STAGE 1: Let Kids be Kids: Launch Starts 28th February 2017

The Launch will be in 4 stages to try to maximise the impact of the campaign over time. The first videos to promote features kids talking about their experiences of poor sideline behaviour. There's a 30 second version built as a Community Service Announcement and a longer version. You can view the videos below and download the videos and supporting material underneath. Remember to link to http://playbytherules.net.au/let-kids-be-kids and use the hashtag #letkidsbekids if you are using social media.

30 second Kids video

This 30 second kids video is a short and powerful video that will be sent to all national and regional media networks. The call to action is at the end of the video. This is ideal for social media, for playing at events or for placing on your website.

Download the Let Kids Be Kids 30 second video

Tweet about this video -

Tweet: Let Kids be Kids - their experiences of poor sideline behaviour - https://ctt.ec/4LzFd+

Suggested post below:

Stop poor sideline behaviour - just Let Kids be Kids - download your free toolkit at http://playbytherules.net.au

Kids video 2 minute version

The 2 minute kids video is a powerful reminder of the impact of poor sideline behaviour at junior sport. There are many ways you can use this video - as an introduction to a discussion on the topic, as a website feature video or even at events.

Download the Kids long version video

STAGE 2: Let Kids be Kids: Starts 10th April 2017

In this second stage release we combine the sporting Icons with kids talking about their experiences of junior sport and what would say to people engaging in poor sideline behaviour. It's a powerful combination, what the kids say is reflected in what the Icons also say.

Teaser videos

Short teaser videos for use on social media or at events.

Audio grabs

Short audio messages ideal for radio, social media or events.

Icons and Kids video

This video features sports stars and kids responding to the questions - what's the best thing about junior sport? What was their experience of sideline abuse and pressure? What would you say to those engaging in poor sideline behaviour? Download the video direct below or copy and paste the embed code underneath the video.

Download the stars and kids video


Sporting Icons and Kids 30 second CSA

The 30 second CSA version of the video is a condensed version of the long version above. You can use this video on most forms of social media, at events or as a discussion starter in your club.

Download the Icons and Kids 30 second video

STAGE 3: Let Kids be Kids: Starts 22nd May 2017

In this stage we will release the 30 second CSA video and the longer version with sports Icons talking about their experiences at junior sport. If one of the Icons is from your sport these are ideal to promote the messages and resources of Let Kids be Kids.

Audio grabs

Short audio messages ideal for radio, social media or at events.

Icons long video

This video (2m 27s) features sports Icons talking their favourite times as a kid in sport. They recount their first experience of poor sideline behaviour and how it affected them.

Download the sports Icons video


Sporting Icons 30 second CSA

The 30 second CSA version of the Icons video is a condensed version of the long version above. You can use this video on most forms of social media, at events or as a discussion starter in your club.

Download the Icons 30 second video

STAGE 4: Let Kids be Kids: Starts 3rd July 2017

The final stage of the campaign is another powerful kids video. The kids talk about what they like about sport and what they think about poor sideline behaviour. This is a 30 second CSA perfect for social media and websites. You can now use all of the Let Kids be Kids promotional materials.

Kids 30 second video 2

A final powerful video with kids talking what they like about sport and what they think of poor sideline behaviour.

Download Kids video 2