Module 2: Getting the job done

In this module we will be looking at some specific issues that MPIOs have to consider. Again, we'll take it in bite sized pieces and direct from experienced MPIOs.

Scroll down the page to see each video. The videos are short and only deal with the relevant question. There is no particular order to the videos here. Remember, while these are experienced MPIOs/Administrators in their sports, they all will have different experiences as an MPIO. It's is good to get different perspectives and ways of doing things.

If you have a question you would like a response to please use the comments box at the bottom of this page. We will either answer you direct or even try to post a video response. Also, if you have any resources you use that helps in your role and are happy to share, do contact us and we will add it to the resources section.

What advice do you give on the first call?

The first meeting, the first call, is often very important to a complainant. How you react as an MPIO is critical to how that complaint is handled in the future. How would you react?

How can an MPIO avoid conflict of interest?

Conflict of interest is something all MPIOs have to consider, regardless of the circumstances.

What's the challenge in remaining impartial?

Avoiding conflict of interest involves remaining impartial to the circumstances of the complaint. Sometimes that's easier said than done!

How difficult is it to remain objective?

As it is so important to remain objective in any given circumstance, here is some more advice...

How do you handle an emotional complainant?

As we have seen, remaining impartial is important but can be a challenge when faced with an emotional complainant.

How should clubs promote the role of the MPIO?

Your club or association plays an important role in supporting and promoting the role of the MPIO. In this video an association secretary talks about how the association offers support to their MPIOs.

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