Module 1: Back to Basics

This module is about going through some of the key elements of the MPIO role. If you have just completed the training this is a good place to come to remind yourself of some of the basics. But if you are more experienced in the role it doesn't hurt to remind yourself of some of the basics.

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Why are you interested in the role, why do you think it is needed and what challenges do you think there will be in the future?

Here we ask a newly trained MPIO a few questions about their new role.

Receiving Support in the MPIO Role

In this video a highly experienced MPIO talks about the importance of receiving support. Support can come from a variety of sources but there needs to be some personal support provided for the MPIO.

How can clubs support their MPIOs

Similarly, its' important for clubs to provide ongoing support and promote the positive role that MPIOs play.

The core skills of an MPIO

What are some of the core skills for an MPIO? You have no doubt got a good idea about this but it's good to remind yourself of what the absolute core skills are and why they are important.

Misconceptions about the role

Here, an experienced MPIO tutor talks about one of the common misconceptions he finds about the role in MPIO training. This includes sometimes getting involved in complaint handling, particularly in a small club. Also, some comments about the importance of the role.

General tips for MPIOs

This is particularly useful if you have just come into the role. What happens when you someone comes to you with a complaint? What do you personally do?

Is there a 'typical' issue for MPIOs?

Are there typical issues for MPIOs? The issues can be common but the contexts and circumstances are always different!

How about common issues?

While contexts will always differ, some issues are more common than others. Here, an association administrator talks about a common issue at club level.

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Have you got any comments, questions or suggestions about this Module? Please feel free to pose you questions about the role of the MPIO here. Have you any ideas about how we could improve this Module?

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