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Welcome to the Member Protection Information Officer national registration page


Custom support for MPIOs

When you sign up you will get custom video and resource support for your role as a Member Protection Information Officer

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Here are some of the things inside

  • Checklists

    to help you stay on track and keep organised with respect to your role as an MPIO.

  • Downloads

    new material addressing topical areas of interest you can download immediately

  • Watch videos

    Video case studies and interviews with existing MPIOs.

And more coming soon...

  • Private Chat

    Got something to share? Want to discuss it with other MPIOs? Soon you can.

  • Email support

    Need to ask a question about you role as an MPIO but do not want to share?

  • Technical support

    We are here to help with any technical questions about the online training.

MPIO specific webinars

Join us on live webinars where we discuss issues that impact on the role of an MPIO. Hear what other MPIOs have to say.

Why sign up?

Training doesn't stop when you've finished the course!

You've done the online training and the face-to-face workshop to be an MPIO - congratulations. But training doesn't stop there. The role of the MPIO needs support and this is one place you can get it.

Join a like-minded community

When you sign up you automatically join a like-minded community of MPIOs across the country. That, in itself, is a great resource and support network.

Signing up is free and you will get instant access to the MPIO Members area. Inside you will find an ever growing collection of 'Modules' specifically addressing important and contemporary issues that impact on the role of an MPIO. We are building this resource continually to give you the best support material possible.


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